This year Advancing Natural Medicine Conference was hosted by BC Naturopathic Association at the Vancouver convention Center. Advanced Medicine conference combined sessions on the latest research on brain health, with interactive sessions discussing up-to-date management and evidence-based strategies. As a hub of collaboration, the BCNA brought together Naturopathic medicine community, vendor networks, and over 300 doctors to advance naturopathic medicine globally.

One of the most interesting lectures was Dr. Robert Rountree, MD on Life and Energy: The Care & Feeding of Our Mitochondria. As per Dr.Rountree “Three decades ago we thought that all that mitochondria did was make energy. All they did was to make ATP. What we found in the last ten years is that mitochondria basically control how the cell functions. They modulate production of cortisol. They modulate iron production. In fact, any cell that’s got an electrical charge on the membrane of the cell like a neuron or a gland that makes a hormone is going to have an electrical charge in the membrane and the mitochondria responsible for maintaining that electrical charge. So the mitochondria go out, all kinds of things begin to shut down inside of the cell.” All of chronic conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, metabolic syndrome, diabetes or even just chronic fatigue have mitochondrial damage or under functioning of mitochondria. Fortunately, research shows that some nutrients can help reverse mitochondrial damage.

All in all it was a wonderful conference with very knowledgeable speakers and great course content.

Galena Pharm had a strong brand presence with a uniquely design booth at the Conference allowing us to interact and communicate our innovative ideas directly to naturopathic medicine community.

As per our mission statement ‘ Creative Compounding for Creative Minds “Galena Pharm stayed deeply focused on continuity of care, creativity and delivering the best possible customer experience to our clients across Canada. We are confident that our team has the experience and knowledge to bring world-class support and meaningful health innovation and happy to joined together with other health professionals in designing and developing innovative solutions that can contribute to people’s well-being, health and beauty.