Our Story

Drawing on pharmaceutical expertise and knowledge of the Art of formulation, we imagined and created a suburb facility allowing us to compound both traditional and advanced dosage forms including sterile compounds and regular compounds. We choose to carry the name Galena in honor of Galen, a Greek physician that is considered to be the father of pharmacy. Galen, scientists, philosopher, an innovator, a men beyond his era.

Galena Pharms’ story is a story of passion, compassion and understanding of complexities of human nature. It is an endeavor to give a birth to a new pharmacy trend envision in future- the pharmacy that will not dispense only drugs, the pharmacy that will tackle all the senses- create an atmosphere that all senses can indulge, and healing can take a place.

There’s something different about Galena Pharm. Almost everyone who comes in feels it. We are definitely not a common compounding pharmacy you might have on your mind! Our setting reflects the beauty of the Nature created to be welcoming, elegant, vibrant and interactive. We decided to diffuse scents, play relaxing music as the part of unitary concept that brings mind and body together. We decided to ask our customers to express their creativity by coloring the adult color books or write the creative notes rather then spending time on the phones.

We successfully blended compounding, creativity, love for the arts, science and Nature to become central to the wellness concept in our company.
And yes we are trained in sterile compounding, hormone replacement therapy, chelation therapy, prolotherapy, pain management, mesotherapy, clinical aromatherapy, integrative medicine and energy medicine. Still we do not see ourselves as a Laboratory of chemicals only. We see ourselves as a trendy Laboratory of compounded ideas.
You may ask – What is a relationship between Chemistry and Creativity? For a moment let us quote a famous chemist Gustav Kirchhoff “Chemists are molecular designers as they apply their skills and knowledge to create new products and processes.” Galena Pharm is continuing to follow the path of molecular designers. Today we are boldly introducing to you a new strong, inspiring, creative concept of chemists/compounders/artists. All in all compounding is an Art and we do consider ourselves Artists.

Our Vision

To be a leader in compounding joined together with other health professionals designing and developing innovative solutions that can contribute to people’s well-being, health and beauty.

Our Coorporative Phylosophy

Our philosophy of Health and Wellbeing extends beyond the traditional pharmacy role and encompasses every aspect of the human being.

The Mother Nature gave us Life as a divine gift. Everything around us is a treasure, constantly seeking synchronicity and love. We believe Earth, Water, Air and Fire are the key elements of human being, all interconnected through Consciousness. Every single atom of our Universe has its own, indivertible role in the Creation. Every single electron is a moving energy; a part of the bigger picture called Universal Unity.

If we are respectful of each other, living in balance with the Mother Nature and appreciate other forms of existence, only then we can reunite our human powers with the cosmic powers, and fully reach the blessing of the gift of life called HEALTH.

Inspiration for our corporative logo we found in Jan Smuts’ quote (the father of Holism). He expressed conviction that a time would come when a true holistic and integrative approach to science would emerge. We want to believe that time has come.


The universe is not a thoughtlessly static and inert whole-the cosmos is not lazy, but energetically dynamic and even creative. It tends to telenomically produce higher- and higher- level wholes, evermore inclusive and organized. This overall cosmic process, as it unfolds in time, is nothing other than evolution.
Wherever development occurs it proceeds from a state of relative globality and lack of differentiation to a state of increasing differentiation, articulation, and hierarchical integration.

Jan Smuts
Holism and Evolution (1926)

Our Mission

We are dedicated to preserve and promote the art of compounding by developing and sharing the knowledge, inspiring unique innovative health concepts through integrative wellness trends and designing a new healthcare culture that will empower people to live happier and healthier lives.

We are driven by 3C’s to:


We are passionate about creativity in all its forms and expressions. We offer the force of our creative minds to develop a unique solutions.

Our company’s motto is Creative Compounding for Creative minds.

We Value


We love what we do. We build trust in all interactions by displaying consistently high standards of ethical and professional practice.


We have a passion for perfection .We strive to deliver what we have committed to do with the highest level of expertise. We constantly strive to improve our professional competence and performance. Our uncompromised ambition is the foundation of our professional practice.

Earth consciousness

We understand the importance of raising awareness to protect the Earth and emphasizing the fact that we have only one Earth, one home, one planet. Earth consciousness awareness brings hope, unity, connectedness and, ultimately, wellbeing.


We strongly believe that empowerment is essential in contributing to a positive change in the World. We encourage individuals and our partners to generate new ideas, share knowledge and enhance creativity.

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