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Dental Products

  • Aluminum Chloride Solution
  • BLT Dental Gel
  • BLTP Dental Gel
  • Chlorhexidine flavored/unflavored Gel
  • Chlorohexidine Oral Rinse
  • Dexamethasone Oral Rinse
  • EDTA Dental Solution, Dental gel
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Dental Gel
  • Lidocaine/ Prilocaine/ Tetracaine Dental Gel
  • Lidocaine/ Prilocaine/ Tetracaine/ Phenylephrine Dental Gel
  • Lidocaine/Prilocaine Dental Gel.
  • Misoprostol/ Lidocaine/ Glycerin Mouth Wash
  • Nystatin sugar free syrup, capsules and troches
  • Potassium Hydroxide Aqueous solution
  • Sodium Chloride Oral Solution
  • Sodium Fluoride Oral Rinse
  • Sodium Hypochlorite Dental gel
  • Tetracycline/ HC Dental Ointment
The above mentioned list of products is a few of the preparations that we can compound. We are able to compound any unique custom made dosage form that you may have a prescription for. We work closely with the prescriber and the patient to find a solution for an optimal health outcome.
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