“Not your Appearance, but your Humility and Power of Love define your Beauty “-Debasish Mridha

As far back as history Women have been in search of everlasting beauty, youthful appearance and fountain of youth.

Woman Beauty is not simple and linear yet complex and deep representing the culmination of woman’s’ thoughts, ideas, feelings, actions, and behaviors throughout her Lifetime. Vibrant Health, Ageless Beauty, and Endless Enthusiasm is a woman birthright yet not many women know how to claim it!

With this notion on mind Galena Pharm hosted “Be Beautiful Event” on January 31, 2022 with intention to share the knowledge, experience and expertise on Inner/ External Beauty Alchemy. First time Galena Pharm introduced the Concept of Powerful 3 through:

  • Butterfly story – Story of women souls. “In every woman lays a Butterfly ready to be released.”
  • Skin Story –“Skin is not an organ-it is a powerful interface between the mind, the body and our External/Internal world.”
  • Mind, Body, Skin and Soul concept- “Integration of inner energies creating foundation for youthful look to last forever.”

In Galena Pharm we do compound a top quality cosmetics that promote a more youthful look, enhance natural beauty- products designed to protect, care for, and nourish the skin. However, in Galena Pharm we also deeply believe that cosmetics itself cannot complete the soul’s vision of fulfillment. The soul holds the keys of happiness and fulfillment and Beauty emerges from the level of the soul.

Hosting a Be Beautiful Event was all about helping our guests express their own beauty and confidence. By introducing them to Powerful 3 Concept, we were giving our guests the knowledge and products they need to enjoy a lifetime of beautiful skin and true soul satisfaction.

Do you really want to Be Beautiful? – Release your inner Butterfly and then Galena Pharm will find a right solution for you.