We are delighted to announce that Galena Pharm’s logo won a prestigious award for Design and Corporate Identity, at the International “A’Design Award and Competition” in Italy, 2017.
If you would like to know more please visit the competition page @ “Galena Pharm Inc Corporate Identity by Radiant Creatives is Winner in Graphics and Visual Communication Design Category, 2016 - 2017.”


The inspiration for our corporate logo came from Jan Smuts’ (the father of Holism). He expressed conviction that a time would come when a true holistic and integrative approach to science would emerge. We would like to believe that time has come.



For our first (and most ambitious) design, we took a more abstract aesthetic route towards representing the complexity of nature and its diverse range of living organisms and inanimate material. The combination of six different (yet very similar in distinct patterns and angles) primary shapes resemble a layered and complex organic structure. However, we also tried to create a unique pattern inside the complexity to convey a sense of cohesion and oneness.


Corporate Identity


Visual Identity