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Cleanzone is an international and interdisciplinary exhibition and conference meeting providing trends, technology and training for cleanroom production – from planning and construction to commissioning, validation/qualification and ongoing operation of clean production environments.

How will cleanroom production change over the next few years, and what role will be played by digitisation and the increasingly strict requirements resulting from systems growing ever more complex, compact and smaller? Answers to these questions I found at the Cleanzone congress on October 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The programme kicked off with the module: “Cleanrooms: People + Technology”. Participants including me learned more about how to improve personnel conduct, clothing, logistics and cleanroom cleaning.

This year the Cleanzone Congress featured two keynote speakers: Dr Marc Thom from Sony who took a look at clean room digital future and Dr Axel Müller from OHB aerospace company who reviewed the importance of cleanroom technology for the high-tech systems that are expected to provide a better data for space exploration. Both keynote speeches tackled the top themes of Cleanzone 2017: Digitisation and Space exploration.

Dr Thom was convinced that the increasing degree of digitisation would change our world in a variety of ways, he said “The way we are living and working is changing faster than ever before. This will cause a significant change of business models for the different industrial areas, new kind of semiconductors and new kind of connectivity that will influence the re-foundation of new business and will also make some established business models obsolete.”
One thing is sure, in future clean rooms will use robot technology, automation and digital monitoring.